lundi 14 juin 2010

Last Day out!!

Mr.Ingalss & Yolka Prod. - Cauterets Day' Avril 2010 from mringalss on Vimeo.

Good things should never end!
Last season edit by and with Mr Ingalss crew! Note the acapela things from LeRusse, (largely inspired by Dim Biau for the PowWow one).
Where are also proud of Nico Castel improvement, Bizmut nonsenses jokes and Pedro's filming motivation... the other people of that trip were all fags.
Thank for following us this season!
Check out our blog this summer for more stuffs about sea, sex and sea and sex and get fucked up with the boys and parties and south west coast and N.Y.C and South West of France and good people and fun and mates and.......
Already tired!

lundi 19 avril 2010

lundi 12 avril 2010

Hard times!

"Yolka global crew" decided this week end to close the season by a non-stopped beach to mountains trip...Altough "Mr.Ingalls team" is a stack of bastards, they were in the party too.Little podcast made of 80's, Vi turns, new school tricks and bails is soon here.

Group at beach

From beach to resorts

mercredi 24 mars 2010

Slam the fuck up!

Slam the fuck up! from LeRusse on Vimeo.

Painfullllllllllllll !
Enjoy the "Ho no!" of Renaud at the begining of the footage...
Ho no!

lundi 15 mars 2010

Poney session!!!

This week end (19,20,21) the crew will fly to Poney Session TTR3 * in Saint Lary French pyrénees...
AND Saturday Night will be be THE night, it's a member of our crew's birthday!
Copy us!
That's fire!

jeudi 4 mars 2010

Let's introduce us: Renaud Heraud

Renaud started snowboarding 10 years ago in the continuous way of skateboarding.
Isolated from the mountains in a dark, cold and full of outbred people region called "Charentes Maritimes" (1.6 for familiars),Renaud took a sense of his life studying in Bordeaux (in the south-west-of-france-much-better-than-charentes-where-they-eat-snails).
He met lot of our shredding-mates, did parties with outstanding mates and became my flatmate!
Nevertheless Mr Heraud's not a patch of the "YOLKA project" as he's the instigator of this blog, the FB page, the web video contests and overall the most selfless of our crew:
"Renaud can I finish your pastas? and have you got a spare-cig? and can I phone back my Gran-Ma in Russia with yur phone?"

Cheers Mate

lundi 1 mars 2010

We recently send footages to Yrwan "Golden" Garcia Leal...
His project's called "GoldMoon"
Check the teaser out.

GolDmooN teaser #1 from goldenakathales on Vimeo.

Check his delicious blog here